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The Alpine Tea Company


Alpine Tea Co is a local business, growing Japanese Style Green Tea on the family farm in the upper reaches of the picturesque Kiewa Valley at Tawonga.  Alpine Tea Co grows and produces a wholly Australian Green Tea.  There is no imported product in our tea and it is processed exclusively in Australia. We have been with the tea every step of its process to you. 


Our tea is fresh and *NATURAL*.  The first harvest and pure green are unadulterated teas.  The teas have not been blended with other teas or roasted to achieve a certain flavour.  The teas are presented in a truely natural form, there are not many teas on the market which can offer this.  To that effect like a good wine, these teas will have seasonal variations and will have a taste and aroma that is in harmony with the seasons and the beautiful land that it is grown on.

Alpine Tea Co grows the Yabukita Strain of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis).  This is the most popular breed for the production of Japanese Sencha tea, as it has a mellow taste, but also the refreshing aroma of Sencha.  This is an early ripening variety and has a subtle and delicate character which is a feature of an early-ripening variety.  The best features of our tea are it’s refreshing yet mellow aroma, and balance of sweet and bitter taste.  Additionally, Yabukita is also particularly high in antioxidants, providing many other health benefits. 

Our tea has been developed with the Australian Palate in mind; therefore it has a light and refreshing taste to the palate.   This means it looks different, (you can actually see the leaves), and more importantly it Tastes Great.  The tea could be considered a Sencha (the most widely consumed tea in Japan.), however to ensure no direct comparison to Japanese Sencha (ours is not as strong), we prefer to call it Australian Green Tea.